2019 Year in Review

Getting Organizations Set Up for Success

Nonprofit organizations enrich our communities. They exist to eliminate the gaps that government agencies and for profit businesses aren’t able to fill. When a person identifies a gap, the natural inclination is to search online for the steps to starting a nonprofit. What this concerned community member will find is a long, complicated list of possible ways to move forward in creating a mission-based organization.

As we started receiving calls about the steps needed to start a nonprofit, Grow & Lead CEO, Amy Quinn, developed a step-by-step outline for new organizations to follow. Many of the calls were for grassroots, small organizations that were relieved to learn they qualified for the IRS form 1023 EZ. This form, released in 2014, streamlined the application process.

Our team members are able to meet with passionate community members wanting to make a difference and provide guidance on the process at no charge. This allows for organizations to release their fear of filing and focus on the thing they set out to do – make their community better.

Start-up coaching isn’t the only way we’ve helped U.P. nonprofit organizations. In 2019, we’ve assisted  over 100 organizations with training and coaching by fulfilling requests for information and coordinating peer learning circles. Our capacity-building services are available at no-to-low cost, thanks to donations from our communities. If you know a nonprofit in need of assistance, contact us at 906-228-8919.

Sharing Nonprofit Knowledge

Grow & Lead hosted our 15th U.P. Nonprofit Conference in October. People from 86 organizations came together to learn, network and be inspired.

Keynote speaker, Nicole Devereaux, Conversational Intelligence® Coach, presented on authentic storytelling. Her message of transparency and confidence set a strong foundation for the day.

Six workshops were held on topics including board development, fund development, human resources, team building, volunteer recruitment and self-care.

The U.P. Service Awards were presented to five outstanding individuals and organizations that provide countless volunteer hours to their community. The day closed with brainstorming sessions on a variety of nonprofit specific topics.

Support from donors and sponsors helped us keep registration rates low for all attendees and provide seven scholarships to members that needed financial assistance to attend.

Everyone Counts. Everyone Wins.

Did you know that the State of Michigan loses $18,000 in federal funding for every Yooper not counted in the April 2020 census? When government programs aren’t fully funded, nonprofits must step in to make sure people receive the services they need.

Grow & Lead is collaborating with Community Foundation of Marquette County, Community Foundation of the Upper Peninsula and Michigan Nonprofit Association to mobilize nonprofits and partner with state and local government to encourage participation in the census. By providing resources to nonprofits to educate and encourage census participation, we’re introducing advocacy, highlighting the sector’s trusted voice and providing training to expand the abilities of organizations that serve our communities.

New Initiatives for 2020

The Organizational Assessment is to a nonprofit what a health screening is to a person. It will allow organizations to see a snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses in the areas of operations, youth engagement, strategy/planning, evaluation, volunteer engagement, collaborations, communications, marketing, human resources, financial management and fund development. After the assessment is completed, a Grow & Lead team member will help the organization identify areas for improvement and opportunities to leverage their strengths. 

Self Guided Strategic Planning combines coaching and easy-to-follow modules for nonprofits to craft their strategic plan. Piloted in 2019 with Crystal Falls Contemporary Center, the  initiative allows nonprofit boards to work at their own pace on reaching consensus as to where the organization is heading. This service is available at quarter of the price of traditional strategic planning.

The flexible and affordable opportunity to develop a strategic plan with Amy’s helpful and positive guidance, was perfect for our small nonprofit and very busy volunteer board.  Grow & Lead allowed us to take the process over a long time frame and in flexible and manageable steps.  The process was completed virtually, using email, google documents, and teleconferencing.  We were able to produce a workable and flexible plan that we plan to print and place on our website to share with our community.  – Joyce Ziegler, Treasurer, Crystal Falls Contemporary Center. 

You can help!

Like the organizations we serve, we can’t do it alone. Please consider contributing to strong, growing U.P. communities with a gift to Grow & Lead.


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