8-18 Media Stories

8-18 Media is a youth development and leadership program of the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum in Marquette, Michigan. The program’s mission is to empower youth by giving them a significant voice in the world. 8-18 Media provides a news service reported and edited by young people ages 8 to 18. Stories focus on issues that affect kids and are of interest to all ages.

The young journalists work in teams to cover stories. They determine what topics to cover, research, develop the story angle, conduct interviews and edit the stories. Print stories appear regularly in Marquette Monthly magazine. Radio stories are broadcast throughout the Upper Peninsula each week on WMQT Radio and WNMU Public Radio 90 in Marquette. Stories have appeared in national outlets including the New York Times News ServiceBoston GlobePhiladelphia Inquirer, and Los Angeles Times.

March 2017 Stories
Print Story: Makers lab teaches 21 century skills
By Annabella Martinson, 12 and Liam Ulland‐Joy, 11, with contributions by Angel O’Connor, 16 and Anja McBride, 11
Audio Story:  Peter White Scribblers by Will Guter, 15, Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Anja McBride, 12, Anna Rayhorn, 11

January 2017 Stories

Print Story: The journey of a journalist
By Will Guter, 15, Annabella Martinson, 12, with contributions by Liam Ulland-Joy, 11
Audio Story:  TEDx Inspiration by Elise Heide, 13

October 2016 Stories

Print Story: Michigan Attorney General talks with 8-18
By Abigail Pierce, 17, Emilee Solka, 16, Calli Solka, 14 with contributions by Brandon O’Brien, 13, Annabella Martinson, 12, Anja McBride, 11
Audio Story:  Coin collecting can be a modern hobby for modern kids
Annabella Martinson, 12 and Liam Ulland Joy, 11, with contributions by Anna Rayhorn, 11, and Michael Mankee, 11

August 2016 Stories

Print Story: Coin collecting can be a modern hobby for kids
By Annabella Martinson, 11 and Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, with contributions by Michael Mankee, 11 and Anna Rayhorn, 10
Audio Story:  Coping with Marfan Syndrome
By Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Annabella Martinson, 11 and Michael Mankee, 11


July 2016 Stories
Print Story: The Newsies of MSHS keep The Pasty strong
By Theresa Hermann, 18, Annabella Martinson, 11, and Liam Ulland-Joy, 10
Audio Story:  Moving on
By Anya McBride, 11


May 2016 Stories

Print Story: First Impressions-Costumes offer first initial glimpse into character
By Theresa Hermann, 18, with contributions by Elise Heide, 12, Annabella Martinson, 11, Sophia Portale, 11 and Liam Ulland-Joy, 10
Audio Story:  Adult cell phone addiction
By Abby Pierce, 16, Emilee Solka, 15, Angel O’Conner, 15, Calli Solka, 13, Jadynn Clement, 12, Brandon O’Brien, 12

April 2016 Stories

Print Story: Living with Marfan syndrome
By:  Liam Ulland-Joy, 10 with contributions by Annabella Martinson, 11, and Michael Mankee, 11
Audio Story:  Modern audio at NMU
By Theresa Hermann, Will Guter, 15, with contributions from Ian Bek 15, and Anja McBride, 11


February 2016 Stories

Print Story:  Young people serve nation through AmeriCorps
By:  Theresa Hermann, 17, Annabella Martinson, 11 and Liam Ulland-Joy, 10
Audio Story:  Robotics is for girls
By:  Emilee Solka, 15, and Abbey Pierce, 16

January 2016 Stories

Print Story: Are adults addicted to cell phones?
By:  Abby Pierce, 16, Angel  O’Connell, 15,  Calli Solka, 13, Jadynn Clement, 12, Brandon O’Brien, 12, Liam Ulland-Joy 10, and Madelyn Reader, 9
Audio Story:  Guardian of Wow
By:  Anja McBride, 10