Graduation and alcohol don’t mix

High school graduation will soon be here. With graduation come open houses and other parties. With parties often comes drinking.

I’d like to remind all community members to be extra vigilant this time of year to keep our young people safe and healthy by keeping alcohol out of their hands.

Some parents may be tempted to let teens have “just one drink”—especially since they’re in a “safe” place with adults around. But when it comes to the developing brain of children and teens, there is no safe place for alcohol.

Science shows the human brain is not fully developed before the age of 21 and is far more prone to addiction. In fact, 90 percent of people who struggle with addiction started using before age 21.

Ninety percent. Nine out of 10.

If we can keep our young people from drinking before 21, it can make the difference between a future filled with the struggles of addiction and one full of success and accomplishment. Really, what better gift could we give our graduates?

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