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A New Way for the New Year

2018 – A new year. Resolutions. Deals on fitness equipment and vitamins. Look at what you didn’t accomplish in 2017 and start filling your schedule and to-do list. Though our culture promotes 24/7, instant communication and gratification, and doing and having it all, the pendulum has been swinging the other way and self-care and living in the moment have moved up the ladder.

Life in a four seasons climate adds to the chore list. We have extra clothing, tools and recreation equipment, all which require maintenance, cleaning and storage. Do we need all these things? Probably not, but I couldn’t make do without my snow shovel or my Cuddl Duds.

Navigating through winter, both literally and figuratively, can take a toll on our physical, mental and emotional health. If we can adjust our thinking and habits, we can make it a lot easier on ourselves and others.

Before you work on your to-do list this year, or this week, look at your “got done” list. Even if it’s just a project you have started that is on hold due to weather or expenses or whatever, the project is started. My significant other and I took a ride over the holidays on a cold, sunny day and talked about what we had accomplished in 2017, not about what we had to do in 2018. We discussed the benefits of what we had done so far. This led into the best social events we attended, the relationships we had strengthened and the new friends we had made. We even reminisced about how we had gotten through some of the losses and hard times over the past year. I found this to be a very worthy and encouraging exercise that I will incorporate into my daily attitude. I suggest you try it. A pat on the back can be self care, too.

Remind yourself that it’s okay to just do something. I procrastinate by telling myself that I don’t have enough time to complete a big project. I never will. But I have been trying to motivate myself by just doing part of a project. Go through the house and look closer. Put one thing away in every room. Or better yet, find something to toss. Get up and take one or two things to the car that need to be returned or given to charity.

Give yourself a break and reward yourself as we ease into the new year. Take a nap, drink something warm and yummy, get a deal on clearance, buy a new book. Go through old pictures or videos for hours if you want to. Bundle up and play outside. This is the time of year to do these things.

Victoria shared a new word with me – hygge. I did some research and if I had to come up with a one word definition for it, it would be comfort. It’s a Danish word and has received a lot of attention recently. If you would like to learn more about it, check out this website –

I hope my musings will be helpful to you through these next months. If you would like to attend a tune-up webinar as we see Spring slowly approaching, register for my “Beating the Winter Blues” webinar on February 13. My wish for all is to find peace and joy in 2018.


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