Being a Cheerleader for Youth

Being a Cheerleader for Youth

Once a cheerleader, Always a cheerleader.  I can remember back in the day when I was a high school cheerleader and our job was to LEAD CHEERS, or in other words lead the crowd, get everyone excited and make more noise than our rivals across the gymnasium.  We wanted our team to see and feel the love and support from our student body.  It was so much fun back then!  I would go back in a minute!

I always knew I would never stop!  As a parent, I coached my children and other people’s children in various sports, launched an administrative assistant job in our local school system (still being around youth), retired from the school system, and now am continuing to help youth through GLCYD.

As a grandma and now the NUMBER ONE fan at my grandkids events, I still continue to cheer. I had to refrain myself at a recent basketball game as I wanted to get in front our team’s student body (at the age of 62) and again LEAD them in CHEERS.  I’m pretty sure my granddaughter would feel a bit embarrassed.  But I truly felt they needed me!

As adults, we can be cheerleaders for every young person we meet.  It is almost effortless.  Smile, encourage, talk to them and most importantly listen to what they say.  They are very bright and will share if you open your heart and mind to them.   If and when I felt I was having a bad day at work, I would leave my desk and take a walk down the hallway when the bell would ring so I could smile and say hi to the kids, or even better, peek into a classroom full of elementary students.  They are full of unconditional love and excitement.  It was a guarantee; they would brighten my day.  I probably should have been a teacher!

During the holiday break, I asked my grandkids to do a little assignment for me.  I wanted them to write down some thoughts of “Being a Cheerleader for Youth” and what it meant to them.  My heart was singing after I read what Jillian wrote:

“ My grandma is a cheerleader of youth because she goes and supports me, my sister and my cousins at various things such as basketball and softball games, swim meets, Christmas chorus, and band concerts.  She is also very outgoing.  She is really funny and very fun to be around.  I love going to her house because it is always so fun.  When she goes to our sports events, she cheers loud for us.  She loves to see all kids do well and have fun.  In her backyard, she has a pool and she lets us use it.  She sometimes swims with us because she knows it makes us happy.  She will do just about anything for anyone.  She is also very enthusiastic, in EVERYHING.  She lets us have our birthday parties at her house, and she is so generous.  One time at my birthday party, she was outgoing enough to do the gunny-sack race.  She was doing it and fell right on her face, and got up laughing.  She is the funniest person I have ever met.  She shows love to everyone, and that is what makes her a GREAT Cheerleader of Youth.”

Now that is something to cheer about!

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