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March’s U.P. Nonprofit Conference — Recalibrated Sessions

March’s Topic – Human Resources & Volunteer Engagement

Webinar: The Accidental HR Person: Essential Practices for Managing Employees and Volunteers

March 9 at 6 p.m. – Register

This webinar is geared toward personnel of smaller nonprofits with little human resource and/or volunteer engagement experience. We’ll cover some essentials—from recruitment to retention—for anyone who finds themselves managing employees and/or volunteers.

Member Mastermind: Human Resources and Volunteer Management

March 16 at 3 p.m. – Register

Supercharge September Board Trainings

Grow & Lead: Community and Youth Development is readytohelpnonprofitorganizationssupercharge theirboard this September. Register As a follow up to Board Development Month held last January, Supercharge September will feature trainings that dive into advanced board development topics. “January Board Development Month wasahugesuccess!We had 57 organizations from across theU.P.thatattended,” saidAmy Quinn, CEO of Grow & Lead. “We… Continue Reading

Bereavement Leave Policies – Helping Adjust to a New Normal

As part of Grow & Lead’s annual review of policies, we are reviewing our bereavement leave policy.  Do you have one?  Here is what the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) has to say on the topic from their September 2017 issue of “HR Magazine”: The vast majority of employers provide only two to four… Continue Reading

Building Staff Morale

Building staff morale is not as complicated or difficult as it may seem. I know a lot of supervisors and managers struggle with building staff morale, but if you keep in mind just a few simple ideas, you can begin to change the culture and morale of your office. Be sincere, authentic, real. People see… Continue Reading

Teach Me a Thing or Two

When we hear the word “mentor,” I think most automatically assume that the mentor is older than the person being mentored. Wisdom and knowledge don’t automatically come with age and experience. Oh yes, I have had many mentors throughout my 55 years who were older than me. Looking back, the common trait possessed by these… Continue Reading

All Aboard with Onboarding

Are your new employees leaving within the first year?  Your onboarding program may be the key to better retention.  Many still think of “orientation” for new employees, but onboarding is much more strategic.  Utilizing this tool beyond the first few days and a time to complete HR forms will integrate your new employee more quickly… Continue Reading