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Building Staff Morale

Building staff morale is not as complicated or difficult as it may seem. I know a lot of supervisors and managers struggle with building staff morale, but if you keep in mind just a few simple ideas, you can begin to change the culture and morale of your office.

  • Be sincere, authentic, real. People see through fake attempts quicker than my dog can swipe my sandwich off the countertop. If you attempt things with a lack of sincerity or with other underlying motives, people notice and it’s a huge turn off. Attempts made in that way usually make things worse, not better.  So, if you are going to make changes, make sure YOU believe in them first, otherwise no one else truly will believe it.
  • Listen first. If you are not listening to your staff or team members, then there is no way to know what motivates, encourages or affects them.  If you want to turn around morale, you first need to be aware of some of the issues your staff members are worried about. Listen. Ask questions, but again, be sure that your questions are sincere and don’t come across as entrapment.
  • Know your people. As you listen, you will begin to get to know your staff. Perhaps you will learn things you never knew before, even if you thought you knew them well. Having this knowledge will help you to do the following.
  • Use encouragement for a job well done. Don’t be afraid to compliment and encourage your staff. Everyone likes knowing that they are doing a good job, the right way. Don’t hold back and do not believe the misinformation out there that saying it too much loses the significance to the employee. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Employees want to know that their boss is pleased with their work.

If you approach your staff and team members with sincerity, you actively listen, get to know them and what makes them tick, and you take the time and effort to notice and applaud their work, you will find morale in your workplace will improve and you will have more productive workers.

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