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Remote Working Tips from a UP Nonprofit Leader

This post was written by Jenna Thompson, Executive Director of Presbytery Point Camp in Michigamme, Michigan. Jenna has an office at camp in the Photo of Jenna Thompson, Executive Director of Presbytery Pointsummer, and works remotely from her home in Marquette the rest of the year. Presbytery Point Camp is a Christian camp that seeks to help people deepen their awareness of God, each other, and the natural world by providing a camp program and a setting in which personal growth can take place. 

10 Tips for those who have to work/study from home.
From a person who’s been doing it since last summer.

1. Do not work in your bed. Move to some other part of your house. Your sleeping pattern and back will thank you (posted from me working in my bed – SIKE!)

2. Don’t set timers for your breaks. Set timers for your work time so there isn’t any pressure while you’re on a break.

3. Coffee from home tastes the same as coffee from your local bean shop. It is also cheaper.

4. Lo-fi Beats playlist on Spotify is the ULTIMATE get work done music. Thank me later.

5. Try not to do chores while working/studying. Get them done before or after your allotted time.

6. Try not to snack all day. Eat when you usually eat at work/school.

7. Dress comfy but not too comfy. I’ve found that when I still dress like I normally would in public I get more done. Maybe it’s just me but if I wear sweats and a hoodie I am prone to taking mid-day naps more than I would in jeans.

8. Check-in with friends & co-workers. Send them funny memes. Take a few social media breaks. BUT turn off all your notifications for these apps on your phone and don’t keep tabs open on your computer. (I am very guilty of this)

9. Wear headphones even if you’re home alone. This just helps me stay focused on my work. If I hear something beeping or the TV, I’m automatically distracted.

10. Go for a walk or hike. Stretch your legs. Maybe don’t go to the gym right now but get out of your house for a little bit so cabin fever doesn’t kick in too soon.

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Be Counted UP Grant Application Available

Be Counted UP Grant Application Available

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Demarra Gardner named U.P. Nonprofit Conference Keynote Speaker

Demarra Gardner named U.P. Nonprofit Conference Keynote Speaker

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