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Nonprofit Conference Workshops Announced

Nonprofit Conference Workshops Announced

Nonprofit leaders, staff, volunteers and board members in attendance at this year’s U.P. Nonprofit Conference will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of workshops designed to create a lasting impact in their communities. The 2016 U.P. Nonprofit Conference will take place Thursday, October 13, at Northern Michigan University. This year’s theme is “Build… Continue Reading

What is this Mastermind thing?

What happens when you put 3-5 people that work at nonprofits in the U.P. on the phone to with little to no agenda? Magic. Pure Magic. A few years ago, we had the idea of creating peer learning circles for nonprofit executive directors in communities across the U.P. In theory, it was a great idea.… Continue Reading

Getting the Most Out of Professional Development Conferences

Getting the Most Out of Professional Development Conferences

At the end of June, I spent a week in Downtown Detroit at the American Express Leadership Academy, Points of Light National Conference on Volunteering and Service (NCVS) and Michigan MSO Retreat. Talk about a jam packed week! With all the information flowing my direction, I had to make some adjustments to my plan to… Continue Reading

Building Trust

With the recent worldwide success of the latest Marvel superhero movie, Captain America: Civil War, I thought it would be fun to discuss some nonprofit organization issues using the various superheroes as examples. It should prove to be both entertaining and hopefully educational as well. If you have seen or are familiar with the most… Continue Reading

Lighten Up

Happy New Year! Though it’s truly only a new day, our culture dictates that it’s time to lose weight and get in shape, read more books, clean out the clutter. All during the natural hibernation schedule and short hours of daylight, with several people battling seasonal affect disorder and the many viruses that make their… Continue Reading

Tech This Out!

Who woulda thought? If 20 years ago someone would have told me that I would be a blogger someday, I probably would have slapped them and said “Don’t ever call me that again.” Never say never and here I am – your friend, Wolfi, sharing some thoughts on performance improvement. Continue Reading