Determine Who

Determine Who

There’s an old saying “If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.” It’s common to see nonprofits take the approach of trying to reach everyone. Although it is many of our visions to impact all people, choosing a communication strategy can’t be all encompassing.

In last weeks GLCYD Member – Get Your Questions Answered Webcast, one organization asked if printed materials were still something they should consider producing. This was a good reminder to me that sometimes organizations can get caught up in how they will be targeting instead of starting with who they will be targeting. It’s key to determine your audience when assessing the channels of distribution you should use to get the message out. Once you identify who you are targeting, you can research how your ideal participant/donor/sponsor gets their information.

When determining your target audience, there are a few basic questions you can answer to get you thinking about your ideal customer.

  • What is the age range of people you want to know this information?
  • Where do they live?
  • Is there a certain place they shop?
  • Do they work in certain economic sectors?
  • Is internet access a barrier?
  • What is their income level?
  • Is gender important?
  • What websites might they visit?

These are just some starter questions that can get you on the right track to determining the best way to share your message. From there you can build strategies that target each of the audiences you deem important.

Later this month, I will be writing about my favorite strategy, networking. Do you have a favorite strategy that you’d like to share? Email me at I’d love to hear it!

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