As you think back to your youth, what good memories come to mind? Who had a positive influence on you to help shape your success as an adult? Do you ever stop to think what your life would be like today if it weren’t for those caring adults? We strive to create an Upper Peninsula where youth can thrive.  Nelson Mandela is quoted, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”  Our board and staff share the fundamental belief that we are not meant to do this alone. We have been working to understand how our youth envision their present and future to help us determine how we can mobilize caring community adults to positively impact the youth environment.

We continue to present our established programs, such as the U.P. Nonprofit Conference, youth development research and nonprofit management training.  We also ork with the key people and schools in our communities to find ways to share resources and efforts, thereby doing more with less. Our youth deserve the best possible chance to thrive. 

We ask that you join us by making a donation to support this important work and further our mission, “Grow & Lead provides youth-serving and nonprofit organizations with expertise, training, and learning opportunities so that all youth can thrive in healthy communities across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

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