Imagine an Upper Peninsula where EVERY youth has seamless access to ALL the services, opportunities and experiences they need in order to thrive. That is what Grow & Lead envisions and works toward every day. We know that it takes a strong, vibrant nonprofit community to deliver the services essential to make that vision reality. That is why we work so hard to build the capacity of community organizations that are on the front lines delivering essential services. Your gifts to Grow & Lead help us ensure that organizations that do good also do well.

Your support allows us to provide resources, training and consulting to nonprofit organizations. Whether they are providing family friendly events, ensuring crime is low, preventing substance use, or building sociable neighborhoods, Grow & Lead works with organizations when and where they need it most. They may be searching for direction, facing a crisis, experiencing growing pains or struggling to amplify the voice of youth. Grow & Lead grows leaders of all ages and in all types of organizations to make the hard decisions that impact our communities.

Grow & Lead is a multiplier, supporting and connecting organizations and individuals with passion and commitment to the U.P. to increase their efforts. Please consider a donation to Grow & Lead as an investment in nonprofits today that will sustain our communities’ quality of life into the future.

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