Five Things to Learn from Google Analytics

At the U.P. Nonprofit Conference, Bugsy Sailor put it best: Imagine if you had an employee that worked 24/7 for your organization, shared your message with people and didn’t get paid? You have that in your organization’s website.

Bugsy’s analogy really got me thinking…what do you know about your 24/7 employee? I know a lot because I love Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tracking code that records demographic, acquisition and behavioral statistics of your website. Really, I could spend hours and hours sifting thought the information available for the GLCYD website. If you don’t currently have Analytic tracking code on your website, I recommend that you consider getting it, if only to find out these five things:

1. Users – How many unreplicated people visited your website last month? The Users metric tracks IP addresses, allowing for an unreplicated count of the number of unique users you have at a given time. Your 3,000 website visits could be coming from only 20 people! Use this metric to track how well your marketing materials send people to your site.

2. Bounce Rate – An interesting metric, Bounce Rate measures the percentage of people who only visit one page on your website. Although in some cases they may only need to visit one page, many times there are a variety of links and of course your Donate button that you want people to click. Use this metric to measure the quality of your content and ease of navigation.

3. Channels – My favorite metric. Channels lets you know how people got to your website. Did they know your URL and get directly to you? If they used a search engine, what did they search for? How successful was that Facebook post on getting people to the website? Channels tell you all this information and more! Use this metric to measure your multi-channel marketing efforts.

4. Geo – Physically, where are your website visitors located? For an agency like GLCYD, we want to attract people from all over the U.P. Other organizations may have very targeted areas they would like to reach. Use this metric to make sure your message is reaching the areas you want to reach.

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5. Content Drilldown – There were pages on our website that people didn’t visit. Ever. Not once in a whole year. These pages are no longer on our website. We’ve replaced them with content and topics similar to our more popular pages. Use this metric to determine your website content.

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I hope you consider adding Google Analytics tracking code to your website. It’s been an invaluable resource for our marketing and fund development strategies. Need help with your Analytics installation or analysis, contact me at or 906-228-8919 x 113.

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