Getting Ready for 2017

Getting Ready for 2017

As we approach the end of year and the start of a new one, folks will begin making their New Year Resolutions. We often laugh at them or make fun of them, but secretly we all have those nagging things that we wish we could change. So we continue each new year to consider improvements in ourselves.

Likewise, our organizations also need to make resolutions of sorts. We should always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve the way we operate in hopes to work better, serve better, operate more effectively and build solid, functional teams. But if we don’t make a plan and just expect that improvement to simply “happen,” then we’ll never really see the growth and improvements we are looking for.

So this year, whether you make personal resolutions or not, take time to make some resolutions for your organization—whether it be things you know need to change or even commit to digging deeper and discovering areas you didn’t realize need to improve, but they truly do.

And if you need a new set of eyes or a different perspective to help you identify those areas that could use some improvement, GLCYD is one such place you can call.

  • Having conflicts or issues amongst your staff? We can help with team building, retreats or conflict resolution activities.
  • Don’t feel like your board is casting a vision to move your organization forward? We can help you with a strategy session or strategic planning retreat.
  • Feel like your process or systems are cumbersome or ineffective? We can help analyze them, identify sticking points and bottlenecks and even offer workshops to help increase effectiveness.
  • Do you need to set a plan to keep you on track for the years to come? We can help with strategic planning, personal or team organizing, or simply facilitating discussions on setting goals and priorities.
  • Issues with fundraising, grant writing or sustainability? We can help brainstorm various funding sources, options or ideas, or we can help review a grant proposal you plan to submit.
  • Do you need ongoing support, advice and guidance? We can help with our webinar series Member Masterminds, Nonprofit Conference and many other opportunities to interact with us at GLCYD and other nonprofits from across the U.P.
  • Need a meeting or discussion facilitated? We can help by providing energetic and supportive facilitation that also challenges and helps move things in a forward direction.
  • Is your leadership or management team feeling discouraged and burned out? We can help by offering leadership training and development, consultation and even peer support.

We resolve to help you and your organization be the most productive and successful it can be. So as you make your own resolutions for your organization, don’t forget that there is help available to keep you going in fulfilling those resolutions.  We’re like your fitness coach or trainer to help you make the resolution of dropping 5-10 pounds, only different.  Do resolve to make positive changes in your organization this year, and do not forget where help can be found.

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