#give906 Toolkit

Thank you for visiting the #give906 downloadable toolkit! Below you will find links and previews of resources that #give906 participating organizations are encouraged to use. If you haven’t registered as a participating organization yet, you can here.

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This year, GivingTuesday has put together Canva templates for all the social media channels. Visit canva.com/givingtuesday to create your materials. You are welcome to add your logo, the #give906 logo, your information, really anything about your GivingTuesday project, to the template.

In the spirit of the GivingTuesday movement, #give906 is an open sourced brand. Please edit and change things to better fit with your materials. The logos are both PNG so they can be added overtop of your existing imagery. To download the high quality versions of these documents, click the link above the preview.

Hashtag graphic with white text

Hashtag graphic with black text

#UNselfie Sheet

Thank You image