Don’t Hesitate…Communicate! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
10 a.m. Eastern time

Does it feel like they never quite understand what their duties are? Are you frustrated with some performance but just keep it all inside? Then it’s time for you to stop hesitating and start communicating! Learn some tips on how to talk to your staff and get everyone moving in the right direction.


Member Masterminds

Just for for a Grow & Lead member-only opportunity to discuss a specific nonprofit management or youth development topic. Each session will include a subject matter expert who will celebrate your wins and help you brainstorm ideas in areas that are challenging. This webcast is interactive. Mastermind participants will be unmuted and a facilitator will be asking questions of the group. Membership in GLCYD will be verified before confirmation will be sent.

June 19 – Leadership Development – 10 a.m. Eastern