Who’s Going To Do That? – Board Structure and Committees

Wednesday, September 5
6 p.m. Eastern time

Have you ever caught yourself not making eye contact at a board meeting in fear of not wanting to be put in charge of that great idea that was brought up? If so, this one hour webinar is for you! It will cover the different types of boards and their lifecycles. There will also be discussion on the types of committees and their role in moving initiatives forward. We will also examine how to fill committees, committee time commitments and defining the work of the committee.


Mind the Gap – Succession Planning

Wednesday, September 12
6 p.m.

Does the thought of someone leaving your organization send chills up your spine? Don’t be unprepared for when the inevitable happens. This webinar 30 minute webinar will explore the board’s role and duties in succession planning, including various types of organizational succession plans you may want to put into place. There will also be tips for effectively implementing your plan.


We Want You! – Board Recruitment

Wednesday, September 19
5:30 p.m. Eastern time

How do you find volunteers to serve on your board of directors? This 30 minute webinar will examine why ongoing board recruitment is healthy and necessary. We’ll share tools like the board matrix to help you identify the skills your board needs. There will also be information on training and onboarding new board members.


How Are They Doing? – Leadership Evaluation

Wednesday, September 26
6 p.m. Eastern time

Does your board evaluate the CEO, Executive Director or other leader of your organization? This 30 minute webinar will look at reasons why it is important to do so. There will be tips on how to handle concerns that come with evaluating a leadership position, as well as an overview of the different ways a board can go about completing an evaluation.


Member Masterminds

Just for for a Grow & Lead member-only opportunity to discuss a specific nonprofit management or youth development topic. Each session will include a subject matter expert who will celebrate your wins and help you brainstorm ideas in areas that are challenging. This webcast is interactive. Mastermind participants will be unmuted and a facilitator will be asking questions of the group. Membership in GLCYD will be verified before confirmation will be sent.