Managing a Meeting

Wednesday, January 17
6 p.m. Eastern

Do you get excited (or exhausted) when thinking about attending a board meeting? It doesn’t matter if you’re leading or participating in meetings, there are skills you can build that help keep meetings on track. This 60 minute webinar will review the legal responsibility of duty of care, different roles around the meeting table, procedures for conducting business and other tips for efficient meetings.


Board Role: Ambassador

Wednesday, January 24
6 p.m. Eastern

Board members play the unique role of ambassadors for the organizations. Join us for a one hour webinar on ways to be a good ambassador. We’ll cover things you need to know as an ambassador for your mission, ambassadorship’s role in fundraising and strategies for continuing to spread the word after leaving the board.


Teamwork: the CEO and Board Chair Relationship

Wednesday, January 31
6 p.m. Eastern

The Board Chair serves a unique role within the nonprofit organization. Join us for this one hour webinar that will examine the essential element needed for effective Board Chair and CEO leadership. Tips for creating and maintaining a good relationship will also be shared. 


Beating the Winter Blues

Tuesday, February 13
10 a.m. Eastern

Do the long winters leave you feeling stuck? This 30 minute webinar will review tried and true ways to get out of your winter funk. We’ll also cover new ,and sometimes overlooked, strategies to help you shake the cabin fever and move your mission forward.


Member Masterminds

Just for for a Grow & Lead member-only opportunity to discuss a specific nonprofit management or youth development topic. Each session will include a subject matter expert who will celebrate your wins and help you brainstorm ideas in areas that are challenging. This webcast is interactive. Mastermind participants will be unmuted and a facilitator will be asking questions of the group. Membership in GLCYD will be verified before confirmation will be sent.

Boards – Thursday, January 18, 10 a.m. Eastern
Instagram – Tuesday, February 20, 10 a.m.