Fund Development

Fund Development is about more than raising money – it is helping people connect with your organization and its mission, and then building stronger relationships.

Your fundraising plan should be fully aligned with the mission and overall strategic effort of our organization.  Fund development consists of more than just asking donors for money; it involves networking, building relationships, researching new funding prospects and emerging trends in philanthropy, and ensuring that the nonprofit’s values and mission are being communicated effectively to the public.

It is important to maintain current lists of potential funders and grant opportunities, as well as to consistently evaluate your development strategies to ensure that your tactics are effective and sustainable in the long run.

Some reasons why people give to nonprofits:

  • They feel a connection to the organization
  • Their peers are giving
  • Someone asks them to give
  • To make a difference

Successful fundraising requires a thoughtful and realistic fund development plan and engagement of organizational leadership, including your board of directors.  Our fund development consulting services can help your organization assess its fundraising capacity and prepare your board and staff to become more effective at fund development.

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  • Developing a fund development plan
  • Grant seeking and writing
  • Donor relations
  • Trends in philanthropy
  • Running an annual campaign
  • Planning special events