Strategic Planning

Through the process of strategic planning, fundamental decisions are made that shape and guide what your organization. The strategic plan helps ensure board and staff members are working toward common goals, establishes agreement around intended outcomes and provides a way to assess and adjust the organization’s direction in a continuously changing environment.

We can help your organization develop or assess your mission, vision and values. Our trained facilitators lead your organization in building a plan setting up an effective dashboard and determining ways to evaluate your progress.

Some of the important components of strategic planning include:

  • Vision describes what your organization wants to be or wants to achieve over time
  • Mission defines the fundamental purpose of your organization, briefly describing why your organization exists and what you do to achieve your vision
  • Values are beliefs that are shared among board members and the staff of your organization
  • Goals, objectives and activities are the components of the plan that guide process and develop outcomes
  • Evaluation is the measurement of progress made towards your goals and the reporting of that progress to your board and stakeholders

Through consulting and training, Grow & Lead can assist your organization in developing or updating your strategic plan so your organization can continue to be efficient, effective and sustainable.