Youth Asset Summits

Since 2007, Grow & Lead has facilitated “Youth Asset Summits” within intermediate school districts that participate in the Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors survey. In the summits, teams of middle and high school students gather to review results of the survey. As a group, they come to consensus on which of the 40 Developmental Assets they feel are the greatest strengths in the community and which are of greatest concern and therefore most urgent for the community to address. The students then develop action plans to build those assets in their schools and communities.

2014 Marquette County Rise UP Youth Asset Summit

In February 2014, more than 60 middle and high school students from nine schools across Marquette County came together at the Rise UP youth asset summit to create healthier, more productive lives for themselves and their peers. The students determined the assets of greatest strength in Marquette County to be Family Support, Achievement Motivation and Positive View of Personal Future. They determined the assets of greatest concern to be Positive Family Communication, Safety, and Creative Activities. Student teams created action plans to build assets back in their schools including projects such a bullying awareness day, Student of the Day program and a family fun run.

2015 Gogebic Range Youth Summit

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2015 Dickinson-Iron Counties Youth Asset Summit

Approximately 140 youth and adults from ten schools in Dickinson-Iron Counties and Wisconsin came together in December for the 2015 Youth Asset Summit. Middle and High School students participated in group activities and reviewed the results of the asset and sidebar surveys. The most common assets identified were Positive Peer Influence, Achievement Motivation, Family Support and Integrity. The least common assets included Creative Activities, Reading for Pleasure and Community Values Youth.  Student teams created action plans to build up these assets in their schools.