Self Care Try It – Drawing Flowers Even If You Think You Can’t

Self Care Try It – Drawing Flowers Even If You Think You Can’t

Grow & Lead is coordinating opportunities to connect and practice self care. These one hour virtual sessions will provide a space to try a self care activity with an instructor.

This month, we will be learning to draw, and will have the opportunity to create a kindness card to pass along on Spread Goodness Day.

Cynthia Cote from the Copper Country Community Arts Center will share samples of flowers in art for inspiration and some quotes about flowers by Georgia O’Keeffe. She will then lead the group in some basic “how to” drawing exercises. Participants may end up with several drawings in the time we have together. Others may end up with only one precious masterpiece. Those that would like to can share in our “show and tell” at the end. No pressure.

Participants should gather some supplies and have them ready for our session. Paper, pens, pencils, markers, colored paper, glue stick, crayons, colored pencils… Nothing fancy is required. Copy paper can be folded in quarters to make a card to share on Spread Goodness Day. Participants should leave their “inner critic” at home.


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