Spring Cleaning in the Office

Spring Cleaning in the Office

First, like most people, I ask myself, “where do I start?”  I love to give things a facelift every so often by organizing, freshening up, and moving things around.  Spring time is when I get real anxious to just dig in and toss out the old and move things around so they are easily accessible and user friendly to my daily routine.

So let’s start in the copy machine room (a small room and easy to tackle).  Let’s put things back in the spots they belong, let’s consolidate the many open packages of paper, and put all the colors together, all the different weights of paper (such as card stock) and sizes together.  How about a basket for the stapler perhaps some sticky notes with a pen, some paper clips and just a few other office supply needs for the copy machine room?  Oh, and don’t forget when organizing, be sure to have some Clorox wipes to wipe everything down, and a quick run of the vacuum and this room is DONE!

How should we unclutter that messy desk so we can see the top of it?  Take a big breath, and find an empty table or counter top for your work space.  Begin making sticky notes with titles.  Line each sticky note across the table so you can begin to stack papers under them.   Some of the titles I like using are:

  • To Do Now/Next Week/Next Month
  • To Be Filed
  • Resources to stay on Desk
  • Make A File For
  • Not Sure

Now you are ready to take one document at a time (from your cluttered desktop), read it, and place it under one of the sticky notes.  Each group of paperwork is now a little easier to work on.  I like using stacking baskets on my desktop to store things.  I label the stacking baskets as the sticky note titles are labeled.  On my desk I keep three stacking baskets:  On top are my “to do items”; next are my “to be filed” items (sometimes I don’t get to these filed right away but it keeps them in the basket and off of my desktop; and finally my bottom basket is for resources like directories and lists of people I contact often.   You can put your “make a file for documents” in with your “to do” items now because it is a project you will want to do and cross off the list.  Everyone’s workload and priority lists are different, model yours for you!  Again, this is spring clean up so wipe everything down with the Clorox wipes, including the phones, keyboards, EVERYTHING on the desk.

It seems to put a spring in my step and I work better when my desk area is clean and organized.  You will be more efficient and organized resulting in a job well done.



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