Strike Up The Conversation…

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I love striking up conversations and meeting new people. Some of my best conversations are with people I know nothing about.

I consider myself outgoing which makes it a bit easier to meet new people, however, I married a person just the opposite. With no attempts what so ever to change this person, my way of life rubbed off on him and he too now enjoys conversing with others that would have been considered strangers at first. He admits he likes talking to people even though I’m a little better at it!

At home or traveling our down time from a busy day of golfing, biking, shopping, working, or whatever it is, we find it relaxing to catch up and share. It’s a great way stay connected to family and to meet new people. So many days we (my spouse and I) would meet around dinner time at our favorite stop and if one of us arrived before the other we always could find someone to chat with. The day events are great conversation starters (other than the weather). One of my favorites was sharing this bit of information with a young man next to me: “I missed a hole-in-one today by 5 feet”. To me that was exciting, but to my listener who was probably a scratch golfer, well he was a bit unresponsive. I now had to work a little harder to get the conversation moving. It did, not quit a hole-in-one, but a couple of pars!

I talked so much at lunch one day, I caused a couple of pre-teens to put their cell phones down for almost 30 minutes. Not so much of my talking did it, but I asked them questions about themselves and asked them to share and it seemed the more they talked, the more everyone listened, the conversation grew and grew. What fun!

I learned all about:

  • Cute boys
  • School lunches
  • Favorite teachers
  • Best friends
  • Bullies
  • And more….

I have to admit, the pre-teen conversations were the most fun. I can never get enough from kids, they are the greatest gift and to have them open their minds and hearts to me, this is success! GLCYD is good for me!!

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