Volunteer Delegation: How to Organize Your Process

Most nonprofits find themselves holding events or fundraisers that require more manpower than the staff can provide alone. Naturally, they begin to recruit volunteers to help make their events successful.  But how does the staff decide what to do with the volunteers once they are committed?  How do you delegate and trust them to do the tasks assigned to them?

Here are a few tips to help the process:

  1. If at all possible, know your volunteers as well as you can.
    1. The more you know your volunteer, the more you’ll know their strengths, talents and abilities. This will allow you to assign them a role that will maximize their strengths and will more likely lead to better results.
    2. If you know your volunteer well, or have worked with them before, you  may be able to delegate some authority  to oversee other volunteers, thus freeing you up even more to get other details done.
  2. If it’s a one-time event or a brand new volunteer, have a quick questionnaire prepared ahead of time. This little survey will ask questions regarding the various tasks you need covered at your event. Within minutes you will see what they perceive their abilities to be,  and you can assign them to a task that best fits. Just this little bit of preparation ahead of time can lead to quick decisions, especially in last-minute situations or when time is critical.
  3. Listen to a recommendation. Often volunteers help out  because someone referred them or recruited them. Listen to those sources, because they sent the new person your way for a reason and probably know them better than you do.

If you have an event coming up and will be needing volunteers to help make it successful, keep in mind these few little tips to make the day run more smoothly and allow you to delegate and empower with more confidence and better results!

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