You’ve Got A Mailing!

You’ve Got A Mailing!

You have just been informed that you need to send a mailing out to 300 people next week.  It’s time to gather your thoughts and begin to think about the most efficient way to accomplish this.  Here are some tips and questions to be answered:

  1. Confirm exactly what documents will be included in the mailing.
  2. Check to see if there is ample ink in the copier, paper, staples, etc.
  3. What size envelope can the mailing go in? Do you have enough envelopes and will you have enough postage?
  4. Are address labels set up for the mailing and is there a good supply of labels to run the project?

Keep in mind, the largest setback is not knowing/receiving the documents to be included in the mailing in a timely manner.

As soon as documents are ready for print, start the copying process.   Be nice to your copy machine by running the copies with breaks so it does not decide to fail you.  Then, I would set up and run the address labels (you can start putting labels on envelopes while copies are running **).

An assembly line of helpers is always good.  One can collate/staple the copies off the machine, another can fold and stuff envelopes, and another can seal and stamp the envelopes.

**Address labels and envelopes can be worked on but knowing the documents to be sent is imperative because a 4-page mailing versus 10-page mailing may require a different size envelope, label and/or stamp

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